Photography: Put It To The People March


I am no expert at street photography, and I have found myself going to great lengths to avoid it in the past. The idea of taking photos of people in public places, while legal, strikes me as not entirely ethical if you haven’t asked for permission. A lot of people will not agree with that, but for me I work with an idea that I won’t do it to anyone else because I wouldn’t like it done to me. If I do have the camera out in a public place, like a museum for instance, I don’t hide myself and so I hope that I give individuals the opportunity to turn away if they wish. I also stick to busy, tourist areas as I think most people don’t expect privacy in that setting.

Anyway, on a march like this people turn up to be seen, to be counted, and so as I had work to do this seemed like the place for me to do it.

Essentially I wanted to compare street photography in colour with street photography in black and white. Do they convey different ideas? The images included here cover two separate People’s Vote marches in London, one on 23rd June 2018 and one on 23rd March 2019. Most were taken with either an iPhone 8+ or a Fujifilm XT-2. On the first march I concentrated on the photographers I saw around me and I was very much a part of the march, walking along with the crowd. All my images were shot to be colour at that time, and I tried to pick individuals from the crowd. On the second march, I had a damaged achilles and so I did not want to walk too far – I spent most of my time in one spot and tried to get varied images from there and I shot in black and white and colour. I concentrated on trying to capture the feeling and movement of the crowds.

June 2018



March 2019

Overall, I think that the colour images of individuals worked well, and the black and white images of the crowd that show movement work too. I think the black and white are my favourite overall though.

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