Photography: North Dorset Trailway


First published on Expressing Your Vision, July 2018

I’m really lucky that from my house I can easily access a section of the North Dorset Trailway which runs  between Blandford Forum and Sturminster Newton. I love cycling and I love photography and so getting out on my bike to take photos is something I really enjoy doing. These are from July 2018 and are from a small stretch of the railway between Blandford and the outskirts of Durweston. This is part of the trailway that I cycle a lot; it doesn’t take long, there are no really difficult bits, and my ankle, which has been playing up for a long time, is okay on this stretch. Any further and I get problems with it!

Theresa May won’t be running around here; it’s a bit too close to Jacob Rees-Mogg for comfort.

These next few are a bit similar; here I am experimenting with the lens options on the iPhone 8+.





I quite like the graffiti. I know some people think it’s ugly, and sometimes it is, but in the context I find it refreshing. I know there are young people here too; they have left their mark and I like that.

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