Art: Lino Printing

This week I did some art work at home – I’d been stuck in with a bad back and it was bad enough that I couldn’t play violin, so violin time turned into art time and I made myself do some lino cutting to stay sane.

I’d decided that my original seahorse design might be a bit fiddly, so I tried a second design traced from a photograph. When I turned up to class I had managed to get both the original design and the new design partially cut out. During the class I managed to get both cut and finished so I had a go at printing with them.

Week to April 22 (1 of 3)

I’d wanted to do a camera too. Just a simple design, so when I got home I simplified the front of mine, drew it onto the tile and cut it out. I forgot to reverse it, but I don’t think it matters too much. I tried to get texture on the camera body by using sandpaper on the tile, but I’m not sure it’s worked. It doesn’t matter anyway, it was just an experiment.



Then I tried printing a few cards.


I really like having a practical outcome to these classes. I think that the other people taking the class are doing the most amazing work, and with the drawing it was getting depressing trying not to compare myself to them week after week (and failing). I find drawing very difficult and I don’t do it much. But with printing I don’t care so much. My designs are a lot simpler than most of the others, but I’m okay with that because I get to choose whatever subject I like. This exercise, along with the photos I’ve been taking in the last few weeks, has made me realise that I love nature, I love animals. When I’ve painted in the past I’ve always painted from a huge DK Nature book that I love. These were the first watercolour paintings I tried (they’re from 2016 and I haven’t done any since).

Week to April 22 (1 of 2)Week to April 22 (2 of 2)

So perhaps that’s something to try with photos as well as art class. In terms of photography, a bit more time outdoors with my camera might be in order now it’s getting warmer.

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