Photography: A Portfolio from 2017


These images represent a selection taken while studying ‘Expressing Your Vision’ with the Open College of the Arts. Some are assignment work, others are personal explorations.


Two iPhone self portraits using the period tracking app ‘Clue’ to explore female stereotypes and representation. This was a personal exploration inspired by the work of a fellow student. March (1 of 99)April (1 of 17)


Mock up of a book of Polaroid emulsion lifts representing the fragility of the natural environment. This was personal exploration inspired by the illness of a family member.April (14 of 16)


Two images for the assignment ‘decisive moment’ – the first is inspired by an image by Colin Gray in ‘Family Photography Now’.Version 3Version 2


Two images for the assignment ‘collection’ – view. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




Two images exploring body / head  at The Louvre. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



View from cafe, AUB. A composition exercise exploring point. IMG_0518


Westminster Bridge (part of a series that degrades) inspired by jpegs by Thomas RuffMarch (48 of 99)


An image exploring ideas for an assignment ‘languages of light’. I have heard the message of the bible described as ‘light’, and so the language of light I wanted to explore was biblical text. I was particularly interested in the way religious text is used by some to continue to exclude women from many areas of life. week to 6_5 (21 of 39)



A set of images using plants and fruit to explore pornography. These were personal exploration but ended up being part of the initial work for an assignment. 




Self portrait on the tube. Part of an exercise exploring shutter speed. I also made sound recordings while making these images. fullsizeoutput_728c


Car park. An image exploring my local environment inspired by the exhibition ‘Trees’ at the V&A.january upload (99 of 103)


Spider, Tate Modern. I found the work of Louise Bourgeois very inspiring. This image was taken before I began studying with OCA. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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